Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Treat Tuesday: What is a Venison Crepe?

I've written about Superior Farms and their venison crepes before, but I had a lingering question about this particular product. I found the Superior Farms booth at SuperZoo, and they invited me to choose a treat from their display of wonderful animal-based chews and treats. Of course I selected a venison crepe, and then I had the opportunity to ask my burning question:
allergy-friendly dog chew

What, exactly, is a venison crepe?

The label says venison hide, but what part of the deer renders this exquisite little scrunched up bit? The rep was happy to tell me, as the squeamish don't tend to pop up with such geeky questions.

Superior Farms is all about using every part of the animal, and dog treats are a really great way to use the weird bits. Venison crepes are made out of the face skin of a deer. Can you see the nose on this one? I like to imagine these were born when someone dropped a piece of hide on the floor, let it dry off a bit, and then went "you know what, that's actually kinda cool!"

Fr those unacquainted with the venison crepe, this is a rawhide alternative that is great for dogs with beef allergies. For my dogs, who enjoy bully sticks and don't just gobble them down like quick snacks, these things last for more than one chewing session. Superior Farms makes their products in the USA, without any of the scary chemical processing that imported treat usually go through.

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