Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Product Review: MollyMutt Stuffable Dog Bed

MollyMutt's stuffable dog bed and duvet lets you put together a unique bed filled with your dog's favorite things. Their unique concept involves a stuff sack that you fill with clothes, pillows, blankets, and whatever else you have laying around the house. Slide the bed into a washable cotton duvet and you have a bed that smells like your dog's favorite human. MollyMutt offers rectangular and round beds in multiple sizes, along with waterproof covers, bolsters, and matching crate covers.
Dog bed stuffed with laundry

Does your dog love sleeping on your laundry? Do they think a pile of dirty clothes on the floor makes the best bed ever? Do they tend to unstuff anything filled with fluff? Molly Mutt makes a bed for you.

I've often used threadbare comforters and ratty old blankets as bedding for my dogs, with the side effect of making their sleeping area look like a little hobo camp. The stuff is easy to wash, doesn't take hours to dry, and it's just laying around anyway, but is there a way to make it look nice?

MollyMutt has come up with a solution to a variety of dog bed problems. Their bed starts with a sturdy mesh stuff sack that zips shut. I have personally washed tons and tons of dog beds over the years, mostly because stupid cats pee on them. I've learned that the vast majority of dog beds with removable covers have inner cushions constructed from what amounts to fabric tissue paper. Yes, it holds the stuffing in and allows the pretty cover to be removed, but the inner pillows themselves can't survive many trips through the wash before they disintegrate. MollyMutt's inner cushion is sturdy enough to be washed if you live with asshole cats. Washing the actual stuffing is easy too, since it's just clothes, towels, blankets, or whatever you decided to stick in there.

MollyMutt sent me this stuff sack and duvet cover to review, and it was tough to decide on a cover. There are a bunch of different patterns, and they aren't your typical paw prints and bones. They've got robots and elephants! I finally settled on the Rocketman design, it's just so sciency! If your dog has incontinence issues, you can get a waterproof cover for the stuff sack and then order multiple duvet covers so you always have a fresh one.

Pros: Sturdy and durable. Highly customizable. Unique design allows you to stuff the bed with something your dog won't feel compelled to shred. Eco-friendly, allows you to recycle old clothes or store unused bedding. Lots of different options for a custom bed, with unique patterns.

Cons: Not all stuffing materials are optimal, laundry can get compacted down and end up rather hard. Careless stuffing can result in a lopsided or lumpy bed. A medium or large bed needs to be stuffed with a surprising amount of stuff.

Bottom Line: If you ever felt like stuffing was a waste, if your dog has a fiberfill compulsion, if your dog's favorite bed is your old comforter or a pile of laundry, MollyMutt has a dog bed for you. They also make beds stuffed with wool, just in case you don't have any spare laundry laying around.

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