Sunday, November 13, 2016

Product Review: Outward Hound Splash Disc

The Outward Hound Splash Disc is a floating water toy designed for interactive play. It has a soft foam core and is easy on mouths. Yes I know this is technically a summertime toy, but it's 95 degrees in southern California and seasons are things that happen to other people.
floating throwable water toy for dogs
Photo by Erin Koski

As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of water toys. The first kind is covered in stretchy swimsuit fabric that my dogs feel compelled to shred as quickly as possible. The second kind is usually rubber or something durable that doesn't shriek "DESTROOOOOOOOY ME!!!!!" in a pitch only dogs can hear. The Splash Disc is the first kind.

It's squishy, it's soft, it won't cut your dog's mouth if they catch it on a really hard throw. It floats, it's brightly colored, and it's easy to spot in the water. My dogs don't care. As much as they love catching, fetching, and swimming, all of those activities took a backseat because the frisbee had to die. I assume that this isn't an issue common to all dogs, otherwise toy companies wouldn't keep making fabric water toys, right?

Pros: Soft, safe, and it floats. Easy to spot in the water.

Cons: Not very durable, not for pavement or playing tug. Unusually shreddable.

Bottom Line: It's great for the beach, lake, or pool if your dog just wants to play fetch. Not so great if you have to convince them not to destroy it as fast as they possibly can.

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