Sunday, November 27, 2016

Product Review: Fraggle Rock Chain Martingale

This biothane collar by Fraggle Rock Designs has everything: a martingale chain, a buckle so I don't have to slip it over my dog's head, and enough width to protect her throat.
Custom chain martingale with buckle.
Photo by Erin Koski

This collar was custom made for a dog friend who is no longer with us, and it was kindly passed along because it fits the girls so well. It's a nice thick, heavy-duty collar for a strong dog, and it has a lot of hardware.

Look how much thought went into this design! The buckle means I don't have to pull it over Godzilla's head. This is more comfortable for her, and also means the chain loop can be short enough to hang loose without the collar being huge. The chain is perfect for this size collar, a biothane loop would be way too stiff and bulky, and a biothane limited slip wouldn't slide as smoothly. The chain cuts down on bulk while allowing for nice snappy action. I like to use this type of collar for competitive obedience training because I can give a lot of feedback by sliding or jingling the chain.
Slip chain buckle biothane martingale dog collar
"Say cheese!"
Photo by Erin Koski

Pros: Stink-proof, non-absorbent biothane. Quick-release buckle. Perfect size chain loop. Heavy enough to have some serious presence for training.

Cons: A bit on the heavy side for a sensitive dog.

Bottom Line: I'm definitely going to use this collar when we start rally obedience classes in a few weeks. I really like having a way to communicate "this is the collar we wear when we do this activity". Ideally, it should be something totally different from everything else we have, and this collar fits the bill perfectly.

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