Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Treat Tuesday: YakyPuffs

I got a free sample of YakyPuffs from the Himalayan Dog Chew company at SuperZoo! These crunchy snacks are basically what happens when you microwave a Himalayan Dog Chew. They are made out of yak cheese, but puffed up into crunchy snacks rather than a dense chew.
Puffed yak cheese treats from the Himalayan Dog Chew company

Good For: A nice treat for the dogs to crunch when I'm on my way out the door and don't want my hands to smell gross. Dogs with allergies to anything but dairy.

Not Good For: High value training treats. Dogs with dairy allergies.

How Much We Like Them: The dogs all had to think about it for a bit before eating their yakyPuffs, but they did eat them. Even Zip and Ru.

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