Saturday, November 12, 2016

Caturday! Cat Grooming Bags, Because Cats Should Have Handles

A cat grooming bag is the solution to most of life's problems. Trust me. It's basically a gimp suit for your cat, because sometimes kitty bondage is necessary. But seriously, this is the best device ever created for immobilizing your cat for grooming and medical care. Anyone who has ever attempted to restrain a cat knows that they are basically slow-moving liquids capable of oozing through your hands. They don't have legs so much as they have pseudopods that can be retracted at will and then popped out at another location. They are also sharp on five out of their six ends.

cat grooming bagWhat is a Cat Grooming Bag?

A grooming bag is a bag you zip your cat into with only their head poking out. It neatly contains almost all of their pointy bits, and limits what shapes they can morph into. The bag also has several conveniently placed zippers that allow you to access pretty much every part of your cat's body whole keeping the rest of their fury safely contained. 

Why Do I Need a Cat Grooming Bag?

Low-stress immobilization
Does your cat have claws like fishhooks? Is he personally offended by your attempts to make them less pointy? This is basically the reason grooming bags were invented. See, there is a zipper in each corner for easy access to individual feetsies. Unzip them one at a time, pull out the nearest pseudopod, and clip away without interference from extraneous limbs. 

Does your cat need eardrops, insulin injections, or something else you know they hate? A grooming bag can make the job a million times easier. Most bags have additional zippers for belly and tail access, so they are useful for coming out yucky belly fur, washing cat butts, and whatever else you need to torture your cat with.

Do you ever wish that you could carry your cat around like a briefcase? Grooming bags have convenient handles that allow you to carry your cat from place to place with a minimum of fuss. 

Where Do You Buy One?

I actually have no idea where to buy one of these. Probably Amazon. I spotted this one at a thrift store and was way too excited about it. James and Solstice are both lovely about nail trims and various other handling things, but grooming bags are so nifty that I bought it just so I could share it with you.

How does your cat feel about having their nails trimmed?

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