Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Treat Tuesday: Three Dog Bakery From Our Kitchens Training Treats

The guys behind Three Dog Bakery gave me this bag of From Our Kitchens Pork and Blueberry Training Treats at SuperZoo. These are one of the few products marketed as "training treats" that are actually an appropriate size for clicker training and other methods that use a high rate of reinforcement. They're pretty darned nutritious too, grain-free, and made mostly with pork, beef, chickpeas, and blueberries.
Pork and blueberry tiny treats for clicker training

Good For: Mid-value training treats. Picky dogs, even Ru and Zip like them. Clicker training. Reactive dog training. Trick training. Playing games. Hiding in puzzle toys. Training without making my hands smell vile. Dogs with allergies to poultry, eggs, grains, and sweet potatoes. Brisbane would have been able to eat these!

Not Good For: Super-high-value training in distracting environments. Dogs with allergies to pork, beef, chickpeas, or blueberries.

How Much We Like Them: I'm definitely throwing some of these into my next batch of treat trail mix.

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