Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paw Spa: Isle of Dogs CocoClean

Isle of Dogs has a new line of grooming products made with coconut oil, appropriately titled CocoClean. These super high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are priced for everyday affordability. They come in several different scents and varieties, including a tearless shampoo and a deshedding shampoo.

 Isle of Dogs

Coconut oil infused shampoo for sensitive skin
Zip has been itchy lately, so I was delighted when Isle of Dogs offered to let me try out their new product line. They sent me a bottle of CocoClean Sensitive Shampoo and matching brush spray. These have their signature jasmine vanilla fragrance, which is amazing.

I will admit that their fragrances are part of the reason I love Isle of Dogs so much. My favorite part is when my dog gets wet two weeks after a bath and starts smelling like conditioner again.


I thoroughly enjoy mocking the coconut oil fad and how it's supposed to fix all manner of ailments and diseases and everything wrong with the world, happily Isle of Dogs is riding that wave while sticking strictly to the facts. One of the truly effective uses for coconut oil is as a topical moisturizer, and that is precisely how they promote it in CocoClean. It helps sooth and protect itchy skin.

Does it Work?

It's not all hype, either. I've been using CocoClean to soothe Zip's itchy skin while we figure out exactly what's bothering her. I am forever a skeptic, but she really does significantly less scratching after a bath with this stuff. It's far more effective than any oatmeal shampoo I've tried, or anything other than Brisbane's Madra Mor mud bath. I'm honestly rather surprised that Isle of Dogs is pricing it so low. CocoClean is also very easy to lather, rinsing easily and cleanly, and leaves my hands nice and soft too! This is now Zip's regular shampoo.

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