Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paw Spa: Madra Mor Soothing Mud

I wash my dogs a lot. Well, I wash Brisbane and Sisci. Ru rarely gets bathed because I can't handle the pathos of a wet chihuahua. But the non-ornamental dogs get washed all the time. Brisbane has a bunch of allergies and his vet has for several years recommended he get washed with baby shampoo at least once a week. More recently he had prescription shampoo and conditioner and had to be scrubbed every three days after the embarrassing shavedown.
doggy spa treatment
The mud.

I don't mind washing Brisbane so often, as his skin issues mean he gets greasy and flakey and smelly right away. Still, Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo gets a little boring after a while.


I can't remember where I first spotted Madra Mor mud baths for dogs, but I know I laughed. It's a mud bath. For dogs. It's expensive mud bath, too.

So is mud from a bottle really worth it? Can't I get the same effect from letting my dog roll around in the yard after it rains? (Just kidding, it never rains here. Also Brisbane wouldn't roll in the mud or even go outside if it was raining. He finds water falling from the sky to be unsettling.) Check it out, the bottle even says "Nature's Way to Clean & Treat".  The company's website says it is inspired by dogs' natural instinct for...mud. I'm somehow going to get my dog clean with mud, and only mud.
dog getting spa mud treatment
The mud on Brisbane.

So, how did it go?

This stuff is weird. It's a standalone product, Madra Mor only recommends you shampoo your dog beforehand if they are super filthy, or afterward if they are super hairy and about to get a haircut.

It doesn't lather either. You just massage it on and then rinse it off. The massage is supposed to be important, but I had a hard time getting Brisbane to relax because baths are pure torture. He likes a massage when he is relaxed and flopped out on the bed, not when he is all tense and grumbly.

Surprisingly, the mud got Brisbane clean. It also soothed the raw red patches on his skin, and left his hair feeling very soft and silky. It took absolutely forever to rinse off, but it smells really nice.

Final verdict?

I like the mud a lot. It's quirky and different and fun to use. It soothed Brisbane's skin like it said it would. However, one treatment used about half the $20 bag so this obviously won't be a regular event.

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