Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Zukes Mini Naturals

Zukes Mini Naturals are small semi- moist training treats made from rice, barley, glycerin, and tapioca. They come in a bunch of flavors, including allergy-friendly pork, rabbit, and salmon varieties. These are favorite training treat for many people because they are just the right size and don't need to be broken up for most dogs. They are also more exciting than kibble for a lot of dogs, but I've yet to find a dog that likes them more than hot dogs or freeze-dried liver. I've also found that they go from semi-moist to rock hard pretty quickly.
dog treats

Good For: Convenient training treats. Dogs with allergies. Treats that won't spoil if forgotten in a pocket. Mid-value training treats.

Not Good For: High-value training treats. Picky dogs. Training itty bitty dogs without filling them up.

How Much We Like Them: I used to use these a lot when Brisbane was a baby, but I found better stuff over time. They're just not irresistibly stinky like most of the stuff I use now.


  1. jw what are the "better" things you've found? I'm always on the lookout for more treats, but these are perfect for puzzle toys, soft, but not too mushy. =)

    1. Freeze-dried liver is a huge favorite around here, I have not found a single dog that would refuse it. Sliced up hot dogs are also high on the list. Right now my favorite training treat is Ziwi Peak's dog food though, because it's exciting enough for all but the most stressful environments but doesn't make my hands smell gross.