Saturday, October 17, 2015

The October Pet Gift Box

Our October Pet Gift Box was full of Halloween fun! I had canceled our subscription, but they offered me a box for only $13, so I went ahead and ordered one for October just to see what we got. I love Halloween, so I was hoping for a bunch of themed goodies. I was not disappointed. Well, sort of. Working at a pet store, and having attended numerous retail conventions, I know cheap toys when I see them. This time around we didn't get anything that looked like it came from a dollar store, but it's definitely on the value/economy end of the scale.

I saw some treats by Exclusively Dog on the Clean Run website recently, so I was very pleased to see these pumpkin-flavored Smoochers in our box. These are soft treats made with yogurt. They are safe for Brisbane's egg and poultry allergies. The card that came with our box says the suggested retail price is $10.99, but Chewy.com says the regular price is $4.99.

That little ghost popping out of the tower is a latex Zanies toy. It's not one of the nice foam-filled latex toys, it's the super-flimsy kind that makes really horrendous noises. The card that came with our box says this Peek-A-Boo toy has a suggested retail price of $8.99, but Pet Edge says it's $6.99.

The big green Frankenstein head is by Vo-Toys, a company that has been around since World War II. They're known for competitive price points and basically selling a lot of pet stuff really cheap. I actually remember their cheap small animal stuff from the terrible pet stores of my childhood...so not much has changed. Everything is made in China, of course.

There are a couple of Halloween-themed pumpkin Bark Bars by American Health Kennels. These are made in the USA and are incredibly cute. I might even believe the claimed price of $4.99.

My favorite thing in here is probably the Halloween bandana. It may be small, and made from stiff, cheap cloth, but it's really cute. I'm hoping it softens a bit with use.

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