Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Exclusively Dog Pumpkin Smoochers

These Pumpkin Smoochers soft treats by Exclusively Dog smell just like pumpkin pie. Maybe better than pumpkin pie, because I'm not crazy about pumpkin pie but just opening this bag made me want some really, really bad. These came in our October Pet Gift Box.
soft pumpkin training treats

Good For: Smelling amazing. Not making my hands stink. Mid-value training treats for food-crazy dogs like Brisbane. Tossing on the ground during training exercises since they are easy for the dogs to spot. Dogs with allergies.

Not Good For: Super picky chihuahuas who spit out bacon, among other things. Treat connoisseur dogs that have to think about things before eating them. High-value training treats for distracting environments.

How Much We Like Them: I need to find somewhere to get a slice of pumpkin pie. It will probably be disappointing though, because there's just no way it will taste as good as the Smoochers smell.

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