Friday, October 16, 2015

Food Friday: Canine Caviar Wilderness Dry Food Entree

Canine Caviar Wilderness Dry Food Entree is a limited ingredient kibble that is very high in calories. Like, super high. Most foods like Orijen and Acana are well under 500 calories per cup, Canine Caviar's foods approach 600 calories per cup. That's the sole reason this food was familiar to me when I found it in a pet store. I saw it and went "Hey, that's the crazy-high-calorie one!" And then I bought a bag.
dog food and dinosaurs

This is a very limited ingredient food. It's made out of venison, split peas, lamb fat, coconut, kelp, and alfalfa. Everything else in there is vitamins. The lamb fat makes it not ideal for dogs with known or suspected lamb issues, but it's fine for Brisbane. He's allergic to chicken, turkey, duck, and eggs.

Canine Caviar's big selling point is that it is the only alkaline dog food. The founder of the company claims to have discovered, whilst working for a pharmaceutical company on research, an interaction between the food their Great Dane was eating and the venom of various insects that bit him. They made their own dog food, the dog stopped having massive reactions to bug bites and went on to live 17 years and become the second oldest Great Dane ever recorded. None of this is substantiated by any sort of references so I guess we're just supposed to take his word on this.

One of the unique things about this food company is that they actually announce their digestibility results. Many foods claim high digestibility, but Canine Caviar specifically claims 91-93% digestibility. I've not found any published study results yet, but at least this is a testable claim.

dog food and dinosaurs
Canine Caviar's website has a whole lot of information on the evils of acidity, and how it causes every health problem including aging. They offer a free kit to test your dog's pH which may obtained by contacting them. In order to contact them, one must first register with their website. I fully expect a bunch of marketing information arriving in my inbox shortly.

I really like this dog food. I'm not convinced about the whole "an alkaline body is the key to health!", having heard as much from the alternative people medicine crowd, but I'm not holding that against it. There's a rather high fat-to-protein ratio which makes it a good choice for Ru and Sisci, but also makes it rate only four stars on the Dog Food Advisor website. It is not, however, a good choice for Brisbane because he needs a very limited calorie diet to keep his weight under control.  Sisci and Ru both love it, which is nice because Ru is super picky.

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