Monday, October 19, 2015

Product Review: All Weather Muttluks

All Weather Muttluks are sturdy, flexible dog boots. They have thick leather soles and reflective straps. These are machine washable and come in their own mesh washing bag. Great for protecting sensitive feetsies from both hot pavement and ice. The come in three colors and eight sizes to fit paws 1.5-5.5" from back to front.
dog shoes for hot or cold
Photo by Erin Koski

For a long time, these were the gold standard in dog shoes. They are significantly more durable than pretty much anything else found in a big box store. The company is based in Canada and was begun as a home business making really functional dog boots. This company is all about quality and integrity.

The most unique thing about these boots is the long knitted cuff at the top. If Brisbane had tons of leg floof, the cuffs would keep the hair clean. It wouldn't actually keep him dry though, as the All-Weather Muttluks aren't waterproof. Apparently the cuffs are also prone to collecting snow. I initially thought they were kind of cool, but they actually make the boots super hard to put on because the cuffs are super narrow.

We tried the Muttluks out at a sheep herding lesson, because that is where Brisbane has the most foot issues. They are much more flexible than his Ruffwear Grip Trex, and I was hoping they would bother him less. I was wrong, he hated them and moped a lot, and when I finally got him to run he sent one flying. These are exactly his size according to the Muttluks website measuring instructions, but they seem to be prone to fitting issues. The company says boots that fall off are too big, but I would have a very difficult time getting Brisbane's feet into smaller cuffs.

Pros: Very durable, many users say they wear like iron. Breathable and suitable for hot weather. Long cuffs act as gaiters and keep sand and crud out of the boots. Reflective for safety. Machine washable and made in Canada.

Cons: Unlike the fleece-lined Muttluks, the All-Weather version is not waterproof. They also take forever to dry. The tall cuffs can collect snow and burrs, and may make the boots difficult to put on. Boots may not stay on reliably, and fitting can be difficult. Not as grippy as the Ruffwear boots.

Bottom Line: When they work, they work really well and last for years. I'm keeping these around because they may be useful eventually.

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