Saturday, October 10, 2015

Product Review: The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Bath Towel

The Easy Wear Microfiber Bath Towel by The Snuggly Dog is basically a dog bathrobe that holds an infinite amount of water. These have an elastic drawstring neck and elastic band and button that attaches around the tail to keep it on. Comes in two colors and four sizes to fit dogs up to 32" from neck to tail.
Photo by Erin Koski
Microfiber towels have long been a favorite of groomers for their ability to absorb ludicrous amounts of water. This thing takes it a step further and allows you to strap the towel to your dog. After that, you just sort of let them ricochet all over the house like a deranged pinball while rolling on everything in sight.

Brisbane isn't terribly hairy, but getting him dry after a bath has always been a gigantic pain unless I'm at work and can use the giant blow dryer. When he needed to be washed every few days after the embarrassing shavedown, his Snuggly Dog towel was amazing. After a bath he would wear it for a while, and then I'd hang it up to dry and it would be ready to go within a couple of hours.

Pros: Very adjustable and really stays on dogs with tails. Keeps the dog warm and absorbs most of the water even if the wet dog is wallowing with gusto on the furniture. Sucks the water right out of their hair, and dries way faster than regular towels.

Cons: Doesn't stay on well at all if they dog has a tiny little stump tail. Should not be left on unattended dogs as the neck is pretty big and they can easily step through it and get a leg caught. Only for medium and large dogs, Brisbane's is the smallest size and would fit a dog a couple of inches longer. They don't make them small enough for Sisci or Ru.

Bottom Line: Is now an essential part of our bathing toolbox. Ru already has a bathrobe, now I need to find something like this for Sisci.

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