Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Product Review: Pet Flys Snuggle Bug

The Pet Flys Snuggle Bug is a multi-function carrier and bed for small dogs and cats. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and includes a matching pillow bed and blanket.
Photo by Erin Koski

Finally, I found a purse that Ru will ride in happily and willingly. This carrier looks like it was made for him, and therefore it is ridiculous. The inside is fleecy soft fabric, the outside is plush fake fur, so it's basically a sack made out of blankies. The bottom is solid, so he feels comfortable standing on it, and the little pillow bed fits perfectly in there for cushioning and also naps.

This bag does all sorts of things. The sides can be rolled down to make a little nest bed. I can attach the shoulder strap to the lower rings to make the carrier less deep. I can lay it on its side to make a burrow bag. Pet Flys also shows it in a car with the strap hooked around the head rest to make it a car seat, but that wouldn't provide any protection for Ru in an actual collision. The entire bag is also reversible, and the clasps for the strap are pretty awesome. Camo isn't really my style, but it's worth it if he'll actually ride quietly.

Pros: Made of layers of blankies for tiny, cold, naked dogs. Also irresistible to cats. Solid bottom is comfortable for dogs that don't like riding in soft-bottomed bags. Also functions as a snuggly bed. Ridiculously warm and soft.

Cons: Looks ridiculous, very large and ostentatious in entirely the wrong way for those of us who aren't into fashion. Hot as hell for dogs that actually have fur. Cats and dogs fight over it.

Bottom Line: Only for very, very spoiled little dogs. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be seen with him.

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