Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Product Review: Gooby Freedom Harness

The Gooby Freedom Harness is a Roman-style mesh harness with synthetic lambskin straps. It comes in nine colors and five sizes to fit dogs with chests 10" to 24" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

I believe Gooby was the first company to make mesh dog harnesses, I started seeing ones by Puppia and other companies in the big box stores years after the first Gooby harnesses hit the market. This isn't the most adjustable harness in the world, the neck doesn't change size and the belly straps can get an inch or two bigger.

Most harnesses of this type don't fit Ru, normally the head hole is a tight squeeze while the belly strap is too loose. This is a size Medium Freedom harness, the Small barely fit over his head and seemed to be strangling him. The straps on the Medium are too big.

I don't like the way the synthetic lambskin on this harness ages, either. The straps are nice and soft, but they start looking dirty really quickly. Ru's harness has spent the last four years in a dark cupboard and the suede has somehow faded to a completely different color than the mesh portion of the harness.

Pros: The first mesh harness on the market, distributes force evenly, provides shock absorption. Breathable fabric.

Cons: Minimal size adjustment, it either fits or a it doesn't. The suede straps are difficult to clean and the color fades over time.

Bottom Line: If it fit Ru, he would probably wear it in the summer. Gooby has made some minor improvements to the Freedom harness over the last few years, and also have the Freedom II harness now. The new ones all have plastic buckles instead of metal, and the straps on the Freedom II are microseude. No idea if they clean up any better though.

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