Monday, August 25, 2014

The August Allergy-Friendly BarkBox

Last month I almost canceled our BarkBox subscription when I received yet another box of mostly chicken-based treats and unappealing toys. I was informed that there was a new allergy-friendly BarkBox we could try, with no chicken, turkey, beef, corn, soy, gluten, or wheat. While we could still be showered with duck and egg-filled goodies, I figured it would significantly increase our chances of getting Brisbane-safe treats. BarkBox delivered!

We got a big bag of heart-shaped Superior Farms Venison Biscuits! Grain-free, egg-free, and poultry-free, these are easily my favorite thing we've ever gotten in a BarkBox. They're also a bit nostalgic, we got a bag of lamb-flavored biscuits in one of our first BarkBoxes, and they were Josie's favorite treat. She went out crunching a bowl of them at the vet. These are stinky, dense cookies that are the perfect size for cramming into Kongs and other stuffable toys.

The other bag of cookies is Feel Good Treat Co Seafood Chowder, and it outdoes the venison treats for stink. These things are fishy as hell, in the worst way. We got some Baker's Best Maple-Glazed Salmon with Blueberries treats from the same company in our March BarkBox, but those weren't anywhere near this level of funk. The dogs love them.

We got a Jax and Bones Nautical Wheel Rope Toy that Ulysses helpfully chomped. Knotted rope toys aren't very popular around here, but on visiting the site I discovered that they have both a sauropod and an octopus rope toy. Yes, I'm complaining again that I didn't get the right toy in my box. I know we're signed up for the allergy-friendly BarkBox, can they also make a dinosaurs-and-cephalopods BarkBox?

The last item is one that I'm very excited about, it's a Waboba Fetch ball. Waboba, the ball that bounces on water. We have got to get to the pool with this one ASAP. A ball that bounces on water might be enough to get Brisbane to actually jump off the side of the pool instead of insisting on taking the stairs every time.

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