Sunday, August 31, 2014

Product Review: Up Country Ribbon Collars

Up Country Ribbon Collars are flat buckle collars with unique decorative ribbon trim. The nylon collars come in various base colors, and there is an amazing variety of ribbon patterns. Up Country collars come in eight sizes to fit dogs with necks 6-27" around. The company also offers matching martingale collars, step-in harnesses, and 6' leashes.
Photo by Erin Koski

Up Country makes some very pretty dog collars, and they seem to be fairly durable, too. I've had bad experienced with ribbon overlay collars, but these are holding up admirably. I actually bought them in a thrift store to see if I could clean them up, they were pretty stinky and gross at the time. A few cycles through the washing machine with dish soap and they are lovely and odor-free again.

The biggest attraction of the Up Country collars is the patterns, there are just so many. Want a patriotic USA, British, or Canadian collar? One with rabbits or squirrels? Swordfish? Zebras? Alligators? Hot air balloons? They have over 100 different designs. I am planning to get Brisbane an Under the Sea collar because it has octopuses on it. We currently have whales and ladybugs.

Pros: Durable, adjustable collars with endless variety. Made in the USA. This was one of the first companies to make quality ribbon collars, Up Country has been around fo 30 years now.

Cons: No dinosaurs.

Bottom Line: These will not be the last Up Country collars to join our collection.

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