Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Product Review: Dog Tag Art

Dog Tag Art allows customers to design their own dog tags, or choose from zillions of user-submitted designs for a unique identification tag. The tags come in size Large (1.25") and Small (7/8"), and fit up to four lines of text.
Photo by Erin Koski

When I first saw these tags, I assumed they were just painted aluminum like the cheap tags in the insta-tag machines at the pet store. I see a lot of those on dogs around here, and around half of them are scratched or worn to the point of being totally illegible. Rubbing against other tags all day, everyday takes its toll on ID tags.

Dog Tag Art tags are something totally different, though. They are made with a steel core coated in a durable polymer that looks and feels like porcelain. The edges are smooth and round. The entire tag feels solid.

Brisbane's Dog Tag Art tag still looks brand new, partly because it came with a free tag protector that keeps the edges from getting dinged while preventing the center from rubbing against the other tags. The company guarantees that their tags will be readable for life, but I still expected mine to get scratched up and look terrible before long. My expectations have been exceeded in every way.

Pros: A nearly infinite number of designs to choose from, and if none of those will do, I can always design my own. Guaranteed to remain readable for life or it will be replaced, this company stands behind their products. 

Cons: I wish there was room for more lines of text, I like putting down their microchip numbers, street address in case they escape from home, and city/state in case they get lost while traveling.

Bottom Line:  I think Ru might need a brontosaurus or Flying Spaghetti Monster tag. I am also considering making them some travel tags with the extra info that didn't fit on the allowed four lines.

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