Friday, August 15, 2014

Product Review: PetSafe Clik-R

The PetSafe Premier Clik-R is a training clicker with a finger loop on the back. It has a soft, low volume click. This product only comes in one size and color.
Photo by Erin Koski
This is a nice little clicker, it makes a sound a little quieter than the iClick, much softer than the big box clickers that can spook sensitive animals. It is much larger than the iClick, and has nice rounded edges that make it more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

The best part about this clicker is that is has a little elastic band on the back that allows me to slip it on a finger. This keeps it in a convenient position when I'm juggling treats, targeting objects, leashes, and other training paraphernalia. Fair warning: a lot of reviews for this clicker state that the elastic loop is much too small and squeezes their normal-size fingers. Others complain that it is too loose and slips off their thumb easily. I wear rings in sizes 7-9 and the loop on my Clik-R works exactly as intended.

Pros: Super-convenient finger loop keeps clicker in my hand way better than a wrist strap. Raised button allows it to be clicked with a foot/elbow/chin/buttcheek. Loop at bottom allows for attachment of neck lanyard or wrist strap. This is a super-quiet clicker, great for skittish pets and group classes where not everyone wants to hear me click.

Cons: This product seems to have some quality control issues, some people have issue with the button sticking and the size of the finger loop seems to vary wildly. Not all dogs respond well to the soft click, and can miss the marker in noisy areas.

Bottom Line: I don't like it as much as the iClick, but I still use my Clik-R all the time because that finger loop is just so cool.

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