Sunday, August 10, 2014

Product Review: I-Click by Karen Pryor

The I-Click by Karen Pryor is intended for clicker training and designed to be easy to click for everyone including those with limited mobility. It comes in several colors and has a loop for attaching a lanyard, wristband, or other accessory-holder.
Photo by Erin Koski

This is my favorite clicker because it is quiet and easy to click. Unlike basic box clickers, this one doesn't tend to spook horses and skittish dogs. The raised button also makes it easy to click through a pocket, while wearing gloves, and with no hands. The website even says it can be strapped to a wheelchair and clicked with the chin!

I have quite a few of these, at $2-3 each I buy a couple whenever I see them because I lose them so often. These are small clickers, smaller than the basic box clickers, and easy to hide. They are also durable, the blue one with the toothmarks still works perfectly.

Pros: Easy for anyone to use in any circumstance, so no missed opportunity to click. Colorful and easy to grab. Soft click works great for dogs trained with noisy box clickers as well as sensitive animals that are spooked by loud sounds.

Cons: The raised button and ease of clicking means I click accidentally all the time. I still reward my dog, though. I also tend to lose these, and have left a trail of dozens of them scattered across Southern California.

Bottom Line: Best. Clicker. Ever.

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