Sunday, August 17, 2014

Product Review: Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

The Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar is a flat collar made from reflective climbing rope. The current model features a tag silencer, a leash ring that remains oriented on top of the neck, and a buckle-free design. It comes in four colors and two sizes to fit dogs with necks 14-26" around.
Photo by Erin Koski

Ruffwear's Knot-a-Collar has gone through several redesigns since I first became a fan of the company. The first one I ever saw was a breakaway design intended to hold tags and come off if the collar got caught on anything. This was eventually discontinued, and the Knot-a-Collar I own was introduced. Mine is an adjustable flat buckle collar with a leash ring, and is made from significantly thicker rope than the original or current models.

The current Knot-a-Collar is made from thinner rope than mine, and has no buckle. Instead, the size adjusts via a pair of sliding knots. It is truly a minimalist collar. Mine is a little more ordinary, but is still a collar made out of climbing rope. The round rope slides into Brisbane's coat nicely, and makes it look as though he isn't even wearing a collar. It does its job of carrying his identification tags and providing a leash attachment point without screaming "COLLAR!" or distracting from anything else on the dog.

Pros: Strong, sturdy, and guaranteed for life. Rounded rope slides into fur without breaking or matting. Keeps leash ring on top. Lightweight design is gentle on sensitive skin. Reflective trim gives night visibility.

Cons: Sliding knot design of current model may loosen up if adjusted poorly, making the collar easier to escape. The current Knot-a-Collar is 7mm rope and thinner than many people expect. Lacks a quick-release buckle in case of entanglement.

Bottom Line: This makes a great tag-holding collar for long-hair fluffy dogs, and also for dogs with thin coats and delicate skin, like sighthounds. It is a wonderful minimalist collar that is almost a necklace.

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