Monday, August 11, 2014

Product Review: RC Pets Bear Bell

The RC Pets Bear Bell is a large metal jingle bell on a short strap, designed to be attached easily to a collar, harness, or backpack. It is available in one size and six patterns.
Photo by Erin Koski

My RC Pets bear bell usually lives in my Camelback daypack, where it comes out for various adventures. There are certainly times when I prefer to sneak up on wildlife in order to get a closer look, but some animals aren't worth surprising. We don't usually have bears in the places we go hiking right now, and I always hike with my dogs on leashes, but I would prefer not to run into a raccoon or coyote either.

I also find that the bell is really useful on winding trails with a reactive dog.
Photo by Erin Koski

I generally like to announce our presence before we pop around a corner and run into a mountain biker, or another hiker. Brisbane doesn't handle surprises well, and the bear bell lets others on the trail know approximately where we are before they see us.

Pros: Easily velcros onto collars and harnesses of all sizes, as well as belts and backpack straps. Allows convenient echolocation of pets and children in low-visibility situations. Has reflective label to increase visibility. Easy to take off for stealth mode.

Cons: Reflective label rests on opposite side of collar from bell, inevitably placing it against the dog rather than outward where it could reflect light instead. Does not come in Maltese Cross pattern.

Bottom Line: The is the only bear bell I have ever bought, so I can't exactly compare it to other bear bells. However, I find that it serves my needs well.

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