Monday, April 28, 2014

Product Review: Hurtta Waterproof Coverall

The Hurtta Waterproof Coverall is a one-piece protective suit for dogs. It comes in a huge range of sizes, from super-tiny to gigantic. Based in Finland, the Hurtta company offers a wonderful variety of top-quality apparel for active dogs.

Photo by Erin Koski
We live on the coast of central California, where it has snowed twice in recorded history. The Waterproof Coverall is a warm, waterproof fleece suit that covers the entire body to protect from snow. It's a snowsuit.

Why did I buy my chihuahua a snowsuit? It barely even rains here, and most people in North America would laugh at what we call winter. This makes us utterly unprepared for anything resembling actual cold weather. A lot of houses here aren't insulated, and I know several people who don't own anything warmer than a sweatshirt. We had a night this past winter where the temperature dropped below freezing, and I headed out to work in the morning to find my windshield iced over. I poured water over it, and the water froze and made the ice thicker. I believe I shouted "This is California, I do not have the means to deal with this!" My friend from Canada told me I should keep an ice scraper in my car, I told her I don't even know where to buy one.

All this is to say that we don't handle actual weather very well around here. I took Ru to work with me that morning, and he sat outside and shivered violently until I took him inside and parked him in a crate in front of a space heater. Ru has plenty of sweaters and coats, but he didn't have anything that was both waterproof and would cover most of his body.

Ru is a difficult dog to find clothing for, because he has an unusually long back. Most four-legged clothing is made for much shorter dogs, and the outfits that are long enough are also much too big around the chest and neck. Hurtta dog clothes are fantastic because they make their four-legged stuff win multiple leg lengths. Ru's snowsuit is a size 12" (neck to tail) with short legs. The neck and waist of the suit have elastic drawstrings, so I can cinch the suit down for a perfect fit.

Pros: Incredible adjustability and many different sizes mean that even hard-to-fit dogs and unusual body types get to stay warm and dry.This outfit is super durable, and extra warm. The back and underside of the suit are open so Ru can potty.

Cons: Hurtta makes some great stuff, but they do not have a four-legged suit that comes in fun colors and is both waterproof and warm. The Slush Combat Suit is uninsulated. The Microfleece Jumpsuit isn't waterproof. The Waterproof Coverall only comes in brown. Hurtta dog clothes are also unusually expensive, $60-80 retail.

Bottom Line: The range of fitting options makes the Hurtta Waterproof Jumpsuit the answer to my quest for a warm, waterproof, four-legged outfit for my long-backed chihuahua. The sizing options should also make Hurtta the easy answer for keeping bulldogs, whippets, and other funny-shaped dogs warm and dry.

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