Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder

Every time I go looking for information about chihuahuas, I end up at Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder. It's a blog by someone who has four adorable chihuahuas, including one super-tiny girl named Bebe.
Chihuahuas love chihuahuas.
Most of the OCD chihuahuas are fluffy, but they are still dressed for many of their outings. They go to chihuahua meetups to play with other chihuahuas, resulting in adorable videos of tiny ratdogs running around together.

I first stumbled across Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder while trying to figure out how to brush Ru's teeth. I found this post about the C.E.T. toothbrush, and have since returned repeatedly to check in on the adorable foursome. These chihuahuas are pretty darned spoiled, they do fashion shows and modeling!

Ru is definitely not a model, he's not even a particularly good representative of the breed, with his overly long back. Three of the four OCD chihuahuas are long haired. I wish Ru was fluffy! He's pretty much as naked as he can be without being a genuine hairless breed. At least he's easy to keep flea-free! He's also pretty fun to use as an art canvas.

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