Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Product Review: Rubit Dog Tag Clip

The Rubit is a device for attaching tags to a dog's collar. It is strong, light, durable, and makes it very easy to switch between collars. This is very important if the dog's owner is mildly obsessed with collecting collars and changing them on a daily basis.
Photo by Erin Koski
The Rubit comes in three sizes, a ton of colors, and three different shapes. Some of them are also available with rhinestones or spikes. I bought a black Medium Curve Rubit and a pink Small Curve Rubit for my dogs almost four years ago, and they have worn them on a near-constant basis the entire time. A couple of months ago I purchased a pink Small Heart with Rhinestones for Ru because he could stand to be a little more fancy. As you can see, it is absolutely adorable.

I love how simple, strong, and decorative these clips are. They are extremely lightweight, which is very important for a 6lb dog. Most of Ru''s collars are 3/8" wide, and I like to clip the Rubit directly to the collar to keep the tags from hanging too low. The small Rubits are too small to clip to the rings of most of Brisbane's collars, but there is nothing his Medium Rubit can't handle.

Photo by Erin Koski
Since I have used our original Rubits for several years, and recently purchased a third one, I have been able to make a couple of interesting observations. First, the quality of the split ring for the tags has gone way down. Our original Rubit Curves still have their original split rings that are holding up wonderfully. However, the ring on the new one bent and nearly fell off despite holding the exact same tags Ru had been wearing with the first one for years. A lot of people on Amazon have left reviews complaining about this issue, and for good reason. Lost tags are a pain in the butt to replace. I caught the unwinding ring in time and replaced it with one of the tons I have around because they come with every single tag and I only use one per pet.

The other observation I've been able to make concerns Brisbane's Rubit Curve. When we were setting up these photos, I noticed that the top of the black Rubit is significantly thinner than the top of the pink one. After four years of hikes and beach trips, it is actually wearing out. Brisbane still wears it on a regular basis, so I will be looking to replace it eventually. I'll probably get a round one next time just because we don't have one yet. It's possible that this issue has been addressed in the years since this Rubit was purchased.

Pros: Easy to use, makes swapping tags simple. Small size prevents tags from hanging too low. Durable and long-lasting even after many dips in the ocean. Plenty of size, color, and style options.

Cons: At the moment the split ring provided with the product seems to be completely inadequate for the task of holding dog tags, it should be replaced with a ring that came with a dog tag. The colors eventually fade and rub, and I've seen at least one spiked Rubit that was missing a couple of spikes.

Bottom Line: This is my favorite tag clip and I will definitely be buying another one for Brisbane in the future. They are simple yet stylish, and I love how compact and light they are. I will be checking in with the company about Brisbane's thinning Rubit Curve.

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