Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brisbane vs Kurgo Wander Pail

I previously wrote about the Kurgo Wander Pail and how I was so delighted with it. Being all metal except for the handle, I was sure that when Brisbane eventually got a hold of it he wouldn't destroy it while robbing it of its treasures.
*Innocent face*
Well, it finally happened. On Sunday we went lure coursing, and when we returned home I was so exhausted I just dropped my event bag on the floor. Briz hurt his feet overdoing it at the event, so we've been lazy and I didn't put things away immediately. In fact, the bag is still sitting there. Yesterday evening I noticed some of the contents on the floor, and found the pail missing.

The downside to feeding Brisbane primarily from puzzle toys is that he tends to view the whole world as a food puzzle. If he can figure out how it works, he will be able to get the food out. He has largely solved the kitchen counter puzzle, the fridge still eludes him.

I'm not sure how long it took Brisbane to open the Wander Pail. I do know that it was open and empty when I found it in his lair last night. The handle is broken and chewed, and Briz chipped a couple of teeth opening it. Still, the damage is minor and cosmetic. The pail still functions perfectly. and the handle still works fine. I might even be able to get Kurgo to send me a new handle, it looks easy to replace. Removing it completely might actually make this thing Briz-proof, and I could probably make my own decorative handle if I was feeling crafty.

I am still delighted with my Wander Pail, it has certainly lived up to my expectations and continues to be my first choice for carrying dog food and treats. Thanks Kurgo!

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