Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Brisbane!

Brisbane turned nine today! He is in excellent shape, and is showing no signs of becoming a senior dog. It's true that he has slowed down a bit in the last year or two, but that just means that he actually gets tired now. His energy level now resembles that of a normal dog.
Cupcakes to take to daycare!

Every year I bake Brisbane a birthday cake, stick a number candle in it, and take a picture.

It has been a marvelous nine years, Brisbane has taught me more than I ever would have learned from an easy, uncomplicated dog. Briz was not the dog I wanted or was planning to raise when I picked him out nine years ago, and I love him for all of his imperfections. He was exactly the dog I needed, and he still has plenty to teach me about dog behavior, managing issues, and working with the dog I have rather than the dog I want.

Brisbane may never be a flyball star or an agility champion, but he is definitely the best teacher I could ask for.

For his third birthday we had a party, complete with other dogs and party hats,
He looks like such a puppy in these early pictures! I'm hanging onto him in all of his first birthday pictures because I hadn't yet taught him to sit and stay reliably.

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