Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eight Years of Tooth Wear

In 2006, I bought Brisbane a big fat rope tug toy. During a particularly vigorous tug session, Briz suddenly yelped and quit playing. Turns out he snapped the tip off one of his upper incisors, fortunately just the tip and not enough to expose the pulp.
That tooth in front of the upper canine tooth is not as pointy as it should be.

Eight years later, Brisbane's teeth have seen a fair amount of wear and tear. For several years a raw diet kept his teeth bright and clean, and he still gets raw meaty bones to chew. He doesn't chew non-edible stuff, but he does love to bite tennis balls and I think that has worn down his canines quite a bit.

When Brisbane opened his Kurgo Wander Pail recently, he did some superficial damage to his teeth.

After eight years, Brisbane's teeth still look pretty good. That incisor is still missing the tip, and his lower canine has been worn flat. The top canine was also flat, but he also chipped the tip on the Kurgo pail.

I think his teeth look pretty good after all this time.

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