Saturday, April 26, 2014

Product Review: EzyDog QuickFit Harness

The EzyDog QuickFit harness is a Norway-style harness designed to eliminate pressure on the dog's neck and throat. It is not intended to prevent dogs from pulling, and would actually make it more comfortable to pull on the leash if the dog has not been trained to walk nicely.

Photo by Erin Koski
This is the first Norway harness I got for Brisbane. I found it at Pet House, where I was able to try it on him. I decided I wasn't pleased with the fit and was able to exchange it without a fuss.

The QuickFit harness comes in six sizes from Extra-Extra-Small through Extra Large. Brisbane's chest measures 26" around, so he should fit into a size Medium, but the front strap on that one was too short so I exchanged it for a large. I still think the front strap is too short, but the Extra Large does not adjust small enough to fit around Brisbane's chest. I had the same fitting issue with Ru, at 12" around he should barely fit into an Extra-Extra-Small, but he's wearing a small with the front strap set to maximum length.

Photo by Erin Koski
That adjustable front strap is what makes the ExyDog Quickfit different from any other Norway harness I have seen. On every other harness, this strap is a fixed length and can be too short or too long for certain dogs. The QuickFit has a neoprene tube with the EzyDog logo that hides an adjustable velcro section. The harness comes with the front strap adjusted to its smallest setting, and it can be extended several inches. The neoprene tube should hide the velcro nicely, and many people do not realize that the harness has this feature, so the Amazon reviews are filled with complains about the strap being too short.

For my dogs, even with the front strap adjusted past its maximum length on a harness a size too big, the front strap is still pretty short. The buckle for the belly strap sits in their armpits and could get uncomfortable on a long hike. I see these harnesses on dogs at work occasionally, and they always have the front strap adjusted to its maximum length. This leads me to believe that the range of the strap is from "way too short for any dog" to "long enough for normal dogs".
Photo by Erin Koski
A properly-fitted Norway harness should fit with the belly strap vertical, with plenty of clearance for the dog's elbows. The black velcro sticking out on the front strap of Ru's QuickFit is the result of the strap being adjusted too long. I have considered modifying these harnesses by making a velcro strap extension and a custom neoprene sleeve to fit over it.

Brisbane love Norway harnesses because I can put them on him without having to pick up his sensitive feet. He doesn't really like having the harness put over his head, but it's much better than the alternatives.

Photo by Erin Koski
Pros: The EzyDog QuickFit is more adjustable than any other Norway harness. It is extremely easy to put on, and the floating ring strap makes a nice handle. There is a side ring for attaching identification tags. It's a very sturdy harness, with reflective trim and durable plastic hardware.

Cons: The front strap only adjusts from unreasonably-short to not-quite-long-enough, leaving wide-chested dogs with a bad fit. The smallest sizes are very stiff and feel overbuilt for tiny dogs. The buckle for the belly strap sits in the dog's armpit and the short front strap can cause the buckle to rub sensitive skin. The velcro adjustment for the Large harness makes a continuous crinkling sound that is annoying on quiet walks in the woods. The leash ring on the Large size is rather heavy, and can bounce around on the dog's back.

Bottom Line: This is a great harness for dogs with sensitive feet, dogs that lack flexibility, and people who want something fast and easy that doesn't bother their dog's neck. The front strap adjusts from medium length to incredibly short, much shorter than the ComfortFlex Sport harness, and comparable to the Hurtta and Casual Canine with the option to go much shorter. In my area the QuickFit is the only Norway harness available locally.

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