Monday, March 31, 2014


Athough he absolutely loves the hose, sprinklers, puddles, creeks, lakes, swimming pools, and the ocean, Brisbane hates rain. I think it's because he was born in late April, and we live in southern California. Our rainy season is in the winter, and we've been in various states of drought for Brisbane's entire life. What little rain we get mostly happens at night. When he was a baby puppy, I was able to use a freak thunderstorm to help teach Briz that loud booming noises are no big deal. I never thought to introduce him to rain, though. Really, who does that?

Water is great as long as it's not falling from the sky!
I love everything about the rain, probably more so because we see it so rarely. I love walking in it, or just standing there getting wet. I love the smell of rain. Brisbane did not experience rain until he was at least six months old, and to him it is just plain wrong. I would be one of those people out in a downpour, my dog and I decked out in matching raincoats and galoshes, but I can't talk Briz into leaving the house. He even refuses to go out and pee, preferring to hold it for as long as 36 hours. Sometimes he gets creative and will pee in the bathtub, or an uncovered catbox. I appreciate his creativity, at least.

While he's had nearly nine years to get used to the winter rains, Briz is still clearly disconcerted. As I type this, he is standing on the front porch, watching the rain with great concern. He won't leave the shelter of the porch, but he still wants to go out and observe every so often. He prefers it when I accompany him out there, so he can look at me and whine occasionally. The rain is not ok, and apparently I'm supposed to do something about it.

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