Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Product Review: Premier Pogo Plush

The Premier Pogo Plush is a stuffed squeaky toy with a unique design. Inside the body of the toy there is a flexible rubber cage instead of stuffing. This cage contains a squeaker that rattles around inside the toy.

This is actually one of Ru's favorite toys, but Brisbane plays better for the camera. The Pogo is a different design than the popular "skinny" stuffies that just have a squeaker inside and nothing else. The animal-shaped toys have tails that flap around when the dogs shake them wildly. We've had the raccoon for about three years, and it held up remarkably well until this photo shoot, when Briz pulled the rubber cage out of it. He finds it interesting because the squeaker isn't always in the same place, so the Find the Squeak game remains interesting.

Photo by Erin Koski
Pros: Pretty durable, held up for quite a while and didn't become an Unstuffing Challenge once the stitching was breached. Continues to squeak after a couple of years. Definitely a toy that prompted spontaneous play.

Cons: The stitching eventually gave out on the bottom and Brisbane was able to disassemble it, to his extreme satisfaction. I personally didn't find this toy particularly cute, it was sort of faceless and weird. Briz didn't think it was quite as much fun to bite as the average squeaky toy.

Bottom Line: More durable and less messy than the average squeaky stuffy. We enjoyed it, and I will probably sew it up again.

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