Saturday, March 8, 2014

Product Review: Yap Wrap Winter Wrap

The Yap Wrap is a vest-style velcro harness that allows you to lift your excessively tiny dog by the leash or attached handle. Comes in a variety of styles and colors, in four sizes to fit dogs 3-18 pounds.
Photo by Erin Koski
This is one of my favorite Ru jackets, it's especially good for layering over a sweater on extremely chilly days. This is the winter wrap, lined with cozy fleece. The regular Yap Wrap is a short vest harness that comes in a variety of colors.

I have a lot of trouble finding stuff that fits Ru because his back is unusually long. Many sweaters look silly on him because they barely cover his ribcage. This is a size Extra-Small, for 6-8 pound dogs, and it is actually long enough to cover the base of his tail and keep him really warm. The wide strap under his belly is also placed perfectly, I really can hoist him up by his leash or by the handle without worrying that he'll slip out.

Pros: Great fit on my long dog, should fit well on miniature dachshunds and miniature Italian greyhounds too. Designed to really keep the dog warm rather than just look cute. Great as an outer layer. Works as advertised, and comes in pink for my Princess Boy.

Cons: I do wish it covered a little more of his chest and naked underbelly. The company also makes a pullover winter harness with a bit more coverage. For a tiny harness it's a bit pricey, though I bought mine at a thrift store for $2 so I didn't realize that until recently.

Bottom Line: I love it and use it regularly. Having a handle on my dog is hilarious.

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