Friday, March 7, 2014

Product Review: Ruffwear Mt. Bachelor Pad Bed

Mt. Bachelor Pad, by Ruffwear is a portable bed that rolls into a compact and secure package with attached straps and a handle. The bottom is waterproof polyester and the top is soft and fuzzy.

The Bachelor Pad seems thin at first, but as soon as I threw it down on our hard floor it was a magnet for Brisbane and the cats. Mine is about 6 years old and the product has been updated a bit since then, but the basic design and functionality remain the same.

My favorite thing about the Bachelor Pad is the waterproof polyester bedding. I take it camping and all it takes is a quick shake to rid it of dirt and dry grass. It repels crud incredibly well.

The other awesome thing about this bed is that it rolls up tight and secures with  velcro straps. When unrolled, the straps then secure flat to the bottom and stay clean and out of the way. There is a short handle, and I sometimes snap a shoulder strap on and bring it when we walk to a sidewalk cafe or anywhere else Brisbane might want a comfortable spot to lounge.

Briz and I have been working on Dr. Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol and some of the exercises from Leslie McDevitt's book, Control Unleashed. This bed makes the perfect mat for games where he needs to stay and relax, and now he is always excited to see it unrolled because it means it's time for training fun.

Pros: The Mt. Bachelor Pad bed is durable, light, portable, and perfect for outdoor use. It washes easily in the washing machine and my stupid cats haven't managed to destroy it by peeing on it. The bed is comfortable enough that the dogs will often choose it over thicker, plushier beds around the house. It's been kept in the hot car in the sun for months, washed repeatedly, and used on and off for six years now without showing any signs of fading or wear.

Cons: It's pretty expensive, and not quite light enough for ultralight backpacking.

Bottom Line: This will probably last forever unless your dog is a chewer or incredibly abrasive. Definitely one of my favorite dog items.

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