Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Product Review: Boots and Barkley Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

This is a zippered rectangular waterproof cover for a dog bed, part of Target's Boots and Barkley line of modular dog bed components. You can purchase interchangeable bed forms and covers, and the waterproof cover is another accessory intended to go over the pillow form and under the decorative fabric cover. It is made from polyester and the zipper appears to be covered in something rubbery, maybe silicon.

This plain and unassuming object is the single most useful thing to enter the house after the incontinent dog. Originally I had two fleecy fabric covers to go over the washable cover, when one was soiled I would swap it for the other. This often led to me washing bed covers 3-4 times per day. When Josie first arrived, she had some digestive upset. Let me tell you, nothing is as distressing as tummy trouble in a dog that has no idea when she poops. Most of the time it happens while she is sleeping. She is finally digesting nicely now, and I can tell you that I have never been so concerned with dog poop ever before. It's a bit disturbing.

The bed cover is truly waterproof, and wipes clean effortlessly, no matter what horrors it has seen. Even direct hits on the zipper do not soil the pillow inside. I had thought it would be less comfortable than the crib mattress covered with fuzzy blankets that is Josie's other bed, but she mostly prefers to lay on this one.

Once a week I toss it in the washer and run it through a normal cycle on cold water with some bleach, and then hang it out to dry. It always comes back odorless and fresh.

So far the cover on Josie's bed has held up well to her digging and pawing. I originally got two of them, one for Josie and one for Brisbane's bed in the livingroom. Briz likes to drag his puzzle toys, frozen Kongs, and pilfered prizes back to his lair. I am constantly washing his bed and trying to eliminate whatever odor it has picked up this time. Briz also thoroughly enjoys digging in his bed, but he also has toenails like daggers and quickly shredded not only the decorative fleece cover but also the waterproof cover underneath. I was not shocked, it's a waterproof barrier and not Kevlar armor.

<---Josie also enjoys lurking in Brisbane's lair.

Pros: Does exactly what it claims and works very well at keeping the hard-to-wash bed pillow clean. Comes in a variety of sizes and fits a variety of beds including those super-cheap giant Costco beds.

Cons: Only protects the bed from substances that come out of your dog, and not from the actual dog itself. Less durable than a super-cheap Costco bed. Will not hold up to unusually pointy dogs.

Bottom Line: Best thing ever for an incontinent dog, also makes a great outdoor bed and might work well to cover a bed in a dog house. Before I found this thing I used to lament that no such thing existed.

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