Thursday, March 27, 2014

Puzzle Toy: SafeMade Biggie Bone

The SafeMade Biggie Bone is a stuffable toy shaped like a bone. This toy is not only freezer-safe, it is also oven-safe, something I can't say for any of our other toys. Since the Biggie Bone is from SafeMade, it's also toddler-safe, and infant-safe, and grandma-safe.
Stuffed with love, also peanut butter.

I like the size of the stuffing chamber in the Biggie Bone, it's cylindrical and goes all the way through the toy. A bit small for most biscuits, but it can be easily stuffed with sweet potato, banana, and peanut butter. I could also fill it with kibble and seal the ends with peanut butter. This is not something I would have purchased myself, but it came in this month's BarkBox and I feel obligated to give it a fair chance.

The concept of the SafeMade company is pretty good, basically everything they sell is safety tested for everybody in your house. We know that some imported dog toy tennis balls contain very high amounts of lead, and babies will put anything in their mouths. I solve this issue by not buying imported tennis balls, especially ones specifically marketed for pets. I also don't have a baby, and I might be more concerned about my dog toys being safe for babies if I had one and/or lost my mind.

Puzzle Toy Rating

Capacity: 3/5
It's not cavernous, but bigger than it looks.

Loading Speed: 4/5
No curves or nooks to load, just shove stuff in.

Unloading Speed: 5/5
I gave this to Brisbane yesterday and he still hasn't gotten all the peanut butter out of the center.

Size: 4/5
These come in three sizes, we have the largest one. It's pretty big, but I wouldn't give it to a giant dog or a power-chewer.

Noise: 5/5
Blissfully silent.

Locatability: 4/5
Doesn't roll, but the dark color can make it hard to spot if it ends up behind the couch.

Washability: 5/5
Dishwasher-safe, of course. The lack of curves and corners makes it really easy to scrub.

Hoardability: 2/5
Exciting enough to drag off to the lair, but boring once empty. SafeMade makes a lot of non-stuffable chew toys that Briz would find completely useless because he doesn't chew anything that doesn't involve food.

Total: 32/45
Not a bad product, this one has joined my collection of stuffable toys that live in the freezer. Still haven't tried baking anything into it, though.

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