Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reasons My Dog is Whining

Brisbane appears to understand spoken English, but must resort to other means of communication when he needs to tell me something. This usually takes the form of whining softly, and occasionally poking me with his nose. I get to investigate possible causes until I figure out the problem. Unlike the kids on Reasons My Son is Crying, Brisbane is usually whining for a logical, sensible reason.


Life is hard sometimes.
1. He needs to go outside and I didn't hear him ring the potty bells.

2. Ru needs to go outside and I didn't hear him ring the potty bells.

3. The water bowls are all empty.

4. I left the oven on.

5. There is a kitty sleeping in his crate.

6. It's past dinner time and the dogs still haven't been fed.

7. A puzzle toy was lost under the furniture before it was emptied of its precious contents.

8. Ru has finished his dinner and I have not yet given Brisbane the leftovers or put them away.

9. I left a candle burning and went to bed.

10. There are leftovers on the stove and we have neither fed them to Brisbane, nor left them in counter-surfing range.

11. There is a sizeable gas leak right outside.

12. Somewhere in the house, a cat is doing something of which Brisbane does not approve.

13. I am laying on the couch blogging when I could be petting him.

14. There are humans occupying all the furniture in the room and god forbid any dogs sit on the floor.

15. The neighbors are doing something suspicious.

16. A familiar car is approaching.

17. Brisbane cannot defeat the entire purpose of the puzzle toy by unscrewing it, and thinks I should solve this problem for him.

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