Thursday, March 20, 2014

Product Review: Kurgo Wander Pail

The Kurgo Wander Pail is a hard metal food storage container for travel. It features a smaller removable tray that can be used as a dish, is insulated for perishable foods, and comes in two sizes.

Smaller and more convenient than a bear canister.
It is difficult to express how much I adore this product. There is nothing else like it on the market. It is amazing and wonderful. You see, Brisbane is incredibly good at accessing edible things. He is a mastermind, watching carefully for the ideal moment when my attention is diverted, remaining expressionless so as not to alert me to his plan ahead of time.

I have not carried anything edible in a purse or bag in almost nine years. Any food left in Briz-range is going to end up in Brisbane, no question. This complicates any situation where I would like to bring food items with me. If I put it in my bag before leaving the house, Brisbane will eat it. If I try to grab it on my way out the door, I am likely to forget it.

I needed a portable, genius-dog-proof container, and my bear canister was beginning to look like a viable option. Sure it's bulky, but it can be left in Briz-range, right?

The Wander Pail is made entirely of non-chewable metal. The only plastic on this thing is the blue handle on the lid, the rest is glorious stainless steel. A significantly larger dog might be able to bust this thing open, but my 40-lb cattledog mix is thoroughly thwarted.

I can now fill this thing with kibble, shove it in my purse, and leave it sitting on the floor without worrying. Brisbane figured out right away that this wasn't a puzzle toy worth solving. He may eventually figure it out, but unlike tupperware, plastic bags, and fabric kibble storage bags, he won't destroy the Wander Pail in the process.

I have the smaller pail, and it easily fits at least two cups of kibble. When Josie was eating many small meals a day, I would bring her lunch to daycare and stick her pills in the top tray.

I seem to recall that the original marketing for the Wander Pail suggested carrying food in the top tray, and water in the bottom. I read several reviews by people who attempted this and found that there was no seal and it both leaked and got their kibble wet. I found my pail on clearance at Petco, and since then the description has changed. The pail is a wonderful way to carry dog food, or water, but not both at the same time.

Pros: Indestructible, chew-proof, and impregnable for now. The small pail has plenty of capacity, and it is insulated so raw food can be carried safely. Dishwasher safe for those who have dishwashers. Smaller and lighter than a bear canister.

Cons: Potentially leaks when filled with liquids. That's really all I can come up with.

Bottom Line: Whoever designed this thing was a genius. They have earned my undying affection.

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