Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Product Review: Genuine Dog Gear Tug Leash

Genuine Dog Gear makes tug leashes, tug toys, bungee leashes, bungee tugs, ribbon collars, and a ton of other agility stuff. These fleece tug leashes have a nylon webbing strap braided in for strength. They are available as basic snap leashes, slip leads, and limited slip leads. Standard leashes are 5' long and legal for AKC agility. These can be ordered in a near-infinite number of color and pattern combinations!
Braided fleece agility tug leash
Photo by Erin Koski

Tug leashes make a lot of sense when your dog wants to bite everything on earth. Sisci Godzilla cheerfully chomped through all of my nice leather leashes, so now we're using either steel cables or tug leashes. 

I bought this leash at the Hoots and Hounds booth at Bark at the Park 2016. I always hit the vendor booths filled with hope that I'll meet some amazing new vendors, and Hoots and Hounds inevitably ends up having the best booth there. They just have so much more stuff than everyone else, and so many different options! 

It's tough to buy gear online without being able to touch it and feel the weight and workmanship myself. This leash caught my eye immediately, not only because of the colors, but because it is perfect weight and length for me and Godzilla. The clip isn't super heavy, and the leash itself feels sturdy without being bulky.
Braided fleece strong tug leash
Photo by Erin Koski

I like this leash so much, that I bought a second one after Godzilla ate the first one on our camping trip. I foolishly left her tied up while setting up my tent. Tug leashes aren't chew-proof, but they stand up to interactive tugging nicely.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Incredibly customizable
  • Easy on teeth


  • Not the perfect leash in all situations, fleece picks up burrs and stays wet on outdoor adventures.

Bottom Line

This is now our primary dog sports leash. I love that Godzilla can chomp and tug to her heart's content, it really helps keep her focus on me and off the multitude of things happening around her. It's also the perfect shade of pink, not too light, not too fluorescent, just right!

For a genuinely chew-proof leash, check out my reviews for the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash and the Last Leash.

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