Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Product Review: Spunky Pup Alien Flex Flying Saucer

Spunky Pup's Alien Flex toys are made from tough candy-scented rubber. They are extremely sturdy, and made for dogs that are hard on their toys. These toys come in innovative shapes for tossing, tugging, and chewing. We have the Flying Saucer.
Tough candy-scented rubber frisbee for dogs
Photo by Erin Koski

Super Tough

This is easily the most sturdy flying disc toy I've found so far. It's heavy, thick, and very rigid. It also flies like a frisbee, though not nearly as well as the SodaPup bottle top disc

The big dome in the center of the disc makes it very easy for the dogs to pick up and carry. This is important, as flipping or picking up a flat disc can be difficult for the thumb-less.


The Alien Flex toys smell a lot like bubblegum, much better than the old tire smell some rubber toys carry. The other toys in the line include two different sizes of treat-hiding meteor, and a couple of tug toys. I have some concerns about the size of the other Alien Flex toys, and possible choking hazards, but this one is definitely safe.


  • Toughest disc toy for dogs
  • Easy for dogs to pick up after it lands
  • Can handle tons of biting and some major gnawing
  • Actually flies


  • Disc shape makes it vulnerable to power chewers
  • May be too heavy for smaller dogs

Bottom Line

If your dog loves frisbees but can't pick them up off the ground, or destroys them too easily, this is the toy you're looking for. If you need something soft that throws like a real frisbee, check out my review of SodaPup's Bottle Top Flyer. For puncture-resistant competition-legal discs made for dogs, I highly recommend Hero and Hyperflite.

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