Tuesday, March 14, 2017

TreatTuesday: Wellness Petite Treats

Wellness makes these little grain-free Petite Treats for small dogs, but they work especially well as training treats for any size dog. The soft treats come in turkey and lamb varieties. These stay moist for a while when exposed to air, and the dogs thing they are pretty awesome.
Tiny soft grain-free dog treats

Good For

  • High-value training treats
  • Carrying around in pockets for a few hours without going hard or crumbly
  • Small and picky dogs

Not Good For

  • Regular training sessions, they only come in very small bags.

How Much We Like Them

I've been taking these hiking when I think we're going to encounter a lot of trail traffic. Zip isn't crazy about treats, but she likes them enough to eat them on the go. Ru also think they're pretty awesome.

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