Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Naked Dog Box!

We got our first Naked Dog Box yesterday! It's a subscription box that arrives every two weeks. What's inside? Two weeks' worth of top-quality grain-free dog food, a scoop for measuring out just the right amount, and a surprise treat or toy! Ours also came with an adorable DIY paper bowtie because bowties make everything better.
Dog food subscription box
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"Naked" is the name of the house brand food made by The Naked Dog, an online pet store. Their products have a limited ingredient list with single proteins, making them allergy friendly. My favorite thing about the bag of Naked kibble that arrived at my door is that it's in a plain brown bag. No money was spent on pretty pictures, or a bag designed to appeal to consumers. It's practically naked.
What's inside the box: a plain bag of dog food, a bag of treats, and a couple of cardboard postcards
Portion control is a big deal for keeping your dog at a healthy weight, so our box came with a 1.5 cup stainless steel scoop. How cool is that? The recommendation is that zip get 3 cups of this food per day. That sounds like quite a lot, as she usually eats two cups of most kibbles.

Each box includes a free goody, this time it's a bag of Tricky Trainers treats from Cloud Star. Since this company's pet food values line up with my own, I know I'll be getting treats that I feel safe giving to my dogs. I've had subscription boxes in the past, and the reason we stopped getting Pet Gift Box was because they sent dollar store treats and toys that didn't feel completely trustworthy.
Subscription pet food box

The more I find out about this company, the more I like them. They strive to have the lowest carbon footprint, and their food is made here in California. It looks like they have physical stores in my area too! We're definitely going to have to visit one soon!

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