Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Cloud Star Chewy Cheddar Tricky Trainers

Cloud Star's Tricky Trainers are small, moist treats intended for training time. They come in three flavors, and are made from barley flour and tapioca starch. We have the cheddar flavor, the chewy treats also come in salmon and chicken liver flavors. They remind me of Zuke's Mini Naturals, but a little more moist and stinky.

Good For: Mid-value training treats. Popping into puzzle toys. Treating the dogs without getting my hands all gross. Fast treats for medium-large dogs. Tossing across the floor to add excitement at training time.

Not Good For: Super-duper-amazingly-high-value treats for high-distraction environments. Fast treats for itty bitty tiny dogs that will actually need to chew.

How Much We Like Them: Used half the bag in one day. Need get a new bag.

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