Monday, June 1, 2015

Product Review: AibaoPet Harness and Leash

This Aibao Pet harness and leash set is definitely from China. It is a step-in style harness with a sliding adjustment and a matching leash. This is sized for a very small dog.
Photo by Erin Koski

This little set is yet another thrift store find. It's well-made, a good design, and is actually a little small on Ru. I feel like I could stick it on a ferret or a guinea pig or something.

The adjustemnt slider on the back strap isn't really visible in the picture, it is decorated with six little crystals. The fabric part of the vest is made from breathable mesh. This is not a harness that unbuckles, it is similar to the Little Pals set where it goes on over the head and then the dog's feet are stepped through it.

While I'm really not a fan of products made in China, I think this one is pretty neat. It features a logo by the actual company in China that made it. A lot of products are produced in China for American companies, and that sort of feels like cheating. Aibao Pet is an actual Chinese company. They proudly state that they have been manufacturing pet products since 2002. It looks like their products are mostly exported to European markets. My theory is that this little harness and leash set arrived in my town with someone who was either traveling or moved here for school or business. I found it with another international dog item that is not readily available in the USA.

Pros: Cute, comfortable, and non-restrictive. Easy to put on. No buckles make for minimal rubbing of delicate coats. Very light construction for super-tiny dogs.

Cons: At 33" the leash is really, really short. Like, if I'm holding it and gesture or turn too fast Ru ends up flying.

Bottom Line: I love finding unique little things like this at the thrift store. It helps me keep in mind that there is a lot more dog stuff out there than what I see every day.

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