Monday, June 29, 2015

Product Review: Braid-a-Roo Custom Tag Collars

These braided kangaroo tag collars were custom made for us by Braid-a-Roo on Etsy. They are very light, and don't irritate delicate coats and skin. These collars should not break hair, and tend to disappear into the fur of larger dogs. As these are custom made, they can potentially be ordered in any size to fit any dog. The leather comes in 17 different colors, with one or two colors used per collar.
Photo by Erin Koski

A while back, I asked some of my fellow dog nerds for suggestions for tiny collars for Ru. A friend pointed me in the direction of Braid-a-Roo and mentioned that she liked them for both big and small dogs.

I never walk either of my dogs on a flat buckle collar, so the vast majority of their collars are worn purely to hold tags. These Braid-a-Roo collars are tag collars, meaning they aren't meant for attaching a leash. The slip over the head and are extra-light because they don't have a buckle. Super-simple, each collar is just a simple, fixed loop.

In order to properly fit my dogs for these non-adjustable tag collars, I had to measure two different things. First, I needed to measure the place on the neck where I wanted to collar to sit. I like these to hang a little lower than a regular buckle collar so I measured down at the bases of their necks. Next, I needed to be sure the collar would be able to slip over the dog's head. I used a flexible sewing tape measure to get the first measurement, and then just held it in a loop while I pulled it over their heads. I did also measure around their heads right over their ears to double-check that the collars would be relatively easy to get on and off.
Photo by Erin Koski

These are without a doubt my favorite collars right now. They look like tiny little strings but are strong enough to handle the occasional grab. The colors are bright, and the collars light enough for extended wear without irritating Brisbane's sensitive skin or rubbing the hair off Ru's neck. When Brisbane has hair, it doesn't even look like he is wearing a collar.

Pros: Custom-made so they are exactly the right size! Super light, super strong, super gentle on skin and coat. So many colors to choose from! Very fast turnaround! I think I received mine in the mail within a week of placing the order. True to size, they seemed a little big until I slipped them on the boys and found that they sat exactly where I had measured. Inexpensive! Less than $20 for a tiny one!

Cons: Invisible on a fluffy dog, so it can be hard to show them off unless you shave your dog.

Bottom Line: Finally, a way to keep identification on the boys without ending up with bald patches on the fronts of their necks! I can't recommend Braid-a-Roo enough, the proprietor responds to questions right away and was a dream to work with.

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