Thursday, June 18, 2015

Product Review: Ruff Puppies Hollywood Collar

The Ruff Puppies Hollywood Collar is a leather buckle collar with nickel hardware and Swarovski crystal decorations. It is made from California latigo leather with strong hardware. At 1/2" wide, this collar is made for very small dogs. It is available in four different leather finishes, with twelve color options for the crystals.
Photo by Erin Koski

I found this collar at Dog. Dog. Cat. in Tahoe. It is definitely the nicest collar Ru has. I was worried that the 1/2" would be too wide, but it really fits him well. Plus it's purple. And sparkly.

It's not terribly important for a teeny tiny collar, but I like that Ruff Puppies uses cast D-rings on their collars instead of welded ones. This makes them much stronger. 

This is a very sturdy collar, but it's not too heavy for little Ru. The quality is really evident, I have zero concerns about the decorations falling off. The corners of the leather are shaped so there's no stiff edge to rub on his coat. I'm basically expecting this collar to last forever, which is good because Ru's expected lifespan is around 18 years.

Pros: Very durable, made with care. Small enough for delicate little necks. Comfortable for extended wear. Sparkly, but not overdone.

Cons: Still rubs hair off the front of Ru's delicate little neck like every buckle collar, so I can't leave it on him for days at a time.

Bottom Line: So fancy! Need to get a big one for Briz.

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