Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Treat Tuesday: LeanLix Lickable Training Treat

LeanLix is a lickable training treat made by the Himalayan Dog Chew company. It is made from pea syrup and pea starch. We have one that is chicken-flavored, and on that is sweet potato-flavored, and also includes fish powder. There are currently eight varieties of LeanLix treats, seven of which contain chicken powder. Happily, there is an allergy-friendly flavor for dogs with poultry and egg allergies.

I was looking for a low-calorie treat to use for Brisbane's HydroPaws balance training. PetSafe's Lickety Stik treat sounded perfect, but every flavor turned out to be chicken-based. Small bits of microwaved sweet potato worked, but ended up with sweet potato everywhere.

Lately I have been finding more and more products that are basically high-quality versions of widely available, heavily advertised mass-market stuff. If I only shopped in big box stores, I would have no idea that there are so many alternative and allergy-friendly pill treats, licky treats for training, etc.

Good For: Low-calorie training treat. Keeping my hands clean. Fat dogs. Dogs with allergies. Teaching a dog to hold their position by letting them keep licking it as long as they keep sitting pretty, standing, etc. Wearing around my neck via the attached lanyard. Looking like a giant tube of chapstick.

Not Good For: Dogs unmotivated by food.

How Much We Like It: This is the strangest thing I have ever had the retail person at work special order for me.

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  1. As the pigeon heads, goatlegs, and ostrich parts were not acquired via retail means ::evil cackle::