Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Honest Kitchen Beams

At the suggestion of one of my awesome readers, I got Brisbane some Beams fish treats from Honest Kitchen. They are absolutely disgusting. Brisbane loves them.

These things are just dried Icelandic catfish skins. Those are marine fish, unlike the catfish that inhabit American lakes and rivers. Honest Kitchen advertises these as an alternative to chicken jerky or bully sticks. They don't last Briz nearly as long as a thick bully stick, but they last way longer than any kind of jerky treat we've tried. This is definitely an allergy-friendly dog chew.

Good For: Dogs with food allergies. Occupying Brisbane for about 10-15 minutes. Making my husband ask "Where is that horrible smell coming from?"

Not Good For: Lasting as long as a thicker chew. Being discreet and nonoffensive. Looking pretty.

How Much We Like Them: This is the only thing Brisbane has ever attempted to swallow whole. For about 60 seconds I wasn't entirely certain he could breathe and was considering whether I should pry it out of his throat or perform the doggy Heimlich maneuver. He's still lovingly licking the floor where he chewed it (after horking it back up) several minutes later.


  1. Yay!!! I am so happy you tried and reviewed these, and even more so that Briz likes them!!! :) Bruno is a huge fan too, and when he was younger he did the same - he tried to swallow the last 2-3 inches of it whole! We served them with vice grips on since then! Nowadays though he chews them entirely. I guess the vice grips worked! :)

    1. That's a really good idea! I think Brisbane realized the error or his ways, but I'll have to remember the vice grips for teaching future dogs safe chewing skills.

    2. Yes! Hope this works for Briz and/or other dogs too! These things surely do excite a lot! :)