Sunday, May 31, 2015

The AKC Coursing Ability Test

Brisbane and I went to our first AKC Coursing Ability Test a couple of months ago. I just finally got the pictures from Brisbane's runs, the photographer categorized them with pictures from a previous event so I didn't see that they were up for a few weeks. Briz did two runs and got two legs toward his Coursing Ability title.
Photo by Clark Kranz

I love how intense Brisbane looks in every photo. He is more insane about lure coursing than he is about anything else, including sheep and Chuckit.

Photo by Clark Kranz

High-speed photography also gives me a lot of insight into the way Brisbane moves. He very rarely gets all four feet off the ground long enough to be captured doing it.

Photo by Clark Kranz
He uses his magnificent tail as a rudder when he turns, sometimes spinning it like a pinwheel.

Photo by Clark Kranz
When Briz runs really fast the air flips the tips of his humongous ears backwards.

Photo by Clark Kranz
I always marvel at pictures where all his weight is being supported by just one or two joints. So glad he has solid wrists, pasterns, and legs in general.

The rest of Brisbane's pictures can be found here, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through them but had to just pick a few to buy.


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    1. This was at Winning Edge Dog Sports in Chino Hills, part of the Greater Los Angeles area.